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A Third Attack is Near

Aug 07 2015 05:34 PM | Zombie Overlord in News

We once knew happiness.

We once saw it in the sun, heard it in laughter, tasted its sweet nectar on our tongue.

However, when we finally saw it for what it was, we crushed it.

We strove to watch it wither, die and fade from memory into the darkness of the void.

The same will happen to the happiness from your last so called "victory" at the west tower.

We have had enough waiting around, waiting for our secret messages to be released to you.

We are coming.

Tomorrow, 9 pm GMT, the East tower.

Your happiness will be vanquished.

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The Second Attack!

Aug 01 2015 09:55 AM | Doomsayer in News

Hello friends!

I have a confession to make... I am a thief.
I have stolen a small part of the Zombie Overlord's diary in a hope that it will give you the information you need to be prepared for the second attack.

Posted Image

I hope the ends justify the means and we are triumphant despite my crime.
I wish you good luck, for the end is ever nigh.

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You shall be defeated once more.

Jul 31 2015 10:29 AM | Zombie Overlord in News

It has almost been a week,

and your future still looks bleak.

Your weak defences are appalling,

and your numbers, they are falling.

You fight with your own kin,

and still think that you can win.

My army grows with speed and power,

and this will be your final hour.

One week from last is when you'll see,

that you are still no match for me.

It is beyond the setting sun,

that we will all have lots of fun.

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The First Attack Approaches!

Jul 24 2015 03:05 PM | Doomsayer in News

People! The End is Nigh!

Last night I had a vision.

First, I saw a single word. "Saturday".

Then, I saw letters and numbers I could not understand, such as "9pm GMT" or "10pm BST" or "5pm EST" and more!

I have been told by those on the server that these all represent one time, the time of the ZOL attack!

Prepare for the End! It is Nigh!

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We are Coming.

Jul 17 2015 01:06 PM | Zombie Overlord in News

Your Doom.

Posted Image


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The Overlord Strikes Back: General Information

Jul 11 2015 11:27 PM | Shrewlad in News

Good day Hatters,

This post is a general thread where we will give information for this Zombie Overlord event. Feel free to ask any questions below and we will answer what we can.

This server is different from other Hatventures servers, it is a timed temporary server, which is planned to be up for a month. There will still be most of the plugins that you are used to but we are experimenting with new ones and some that you are used to will not be available. The main one which is not available will be lands: the main reason behind this is that we want the Hatters all to build together as a team, working together to defeat this threat. This does NOT mean that it okay to break or grief other peoples builds, we will still tempban or ban any cases of griefing. The same rules apply as any other server that you have been on before: Be nice to each other and don't be a dick.

Another thing that we are doing is adding new things to the buycraft store. For this event there will be a system similar to server gifts, they are called crates. Crates come in three different rarities: Common, Uncommon and Rare. If you buy one of these crate packages everyone on the event server will receive a crate of that rarity which could contain items to help you in your quest. These packages are designed to be fun and to help us continue to run this community. We stick to our beliefs that our servers should never be pay to win but instead giving out fun things which either help everyone or are purely cosmetic.

This brings us to the second addition to the buycraft store. The event server has now got a plugin for trails, these are particles which follow you around and give you only a cosmetic difference to other players. Again the reason for us adding this is to give you guys something fun to play with and as a way for you to support the server.

So remember, this event is about having fun and working together as a team. There will be new things to experience and new trials to overcome, come and join us in defending our world against the Zombie Overlord!


What is happening to the current server? The current 1.7 server will be available to play on, this event is taking place on a seperate 1.8 server, here is the IP: hatventures.net:13000

Can I bring stuff from 1.7 for this event? No, in this event everyone will be starting from the same point, with nothing.

Can I grief? No. Pretty simple, if you're not sure if what you're doing is griefing feel free to ask a staff member.

If I get banned on this server, am I banned on the regular server? Yes.

I don't want to fight the Zombie Overlord, can I still play on this server? Of course! You are free to come on this server and just play normally but remember this server will not be staying.

Who is the Zombie Overlord? The Zombie Overlord is a reoccurring antagonist in Hatventures who returns every so often to cause chaos and disaster.

Is this a debug server for the next release? This server will be used to test some plugins but this server will not end with a 1.8 main server being released.

Please ask questions on this the forum post version of this article located here => CLICK THIS

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