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We are Coming.

Jul 17 2015 01:06 PM | Zombie Overlord in News

Your Doom.

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The Overlord Strikes Back: General Information

Jul 11 2015 11:27 PM | Shrewlad in News

Good day Hatters,

This post is a general thread where we will give information for this Zombie Overlord event. Feel free to ask any questions below and we will answer what we can.

This server is different from other Hatventures servers, it is a timed temporary server, which is planned to be up for a month. There will still be most of the plugins that you are used to but we are experimenting with new ones and some that you are used to will not be available. The main one which is not available will be lands: the main reason behind this is that we want the Hatters all to build together as a team, working together to defeat this threat. This does NOT mean that it okay to break or grief other peoples builds, we will still tempban or ban any cases of griefing. The same rules apply as any other server that you have been on before: Be nice to each other and don't be a dick.

Another thing that we are doing is adding new things to the buycraft store. For this event there will be a system similar to server gifts, they are called crates. Crates come in three different rarities: Common, Uncommon and Rare. If you buy one of these crate packages everyone on the event server will receive a crate of that rarity which could contain items to help you in your quest. These packages are designed to be fun and to help us continue to run this community. We stick to our beliefs that our servers should never be pay to win but instead giving out fun things which either help everyone or are purely cosmetic.

This brings us to the second addition to the buycraft store. The event server has now got a plugin for trails, these are particles which follow you around and give you only a cosmetic difference to other players. Again the reason for us adding this is to give you guys something fun to play with and as a way for you to support the server.

So remember, this event is about having fun and working together as a team. There will be new things to experience and new trials to overcome, come and join us in defending our world against the Zombie Overlord!


What is happening to the current server? The current 1.7 server will be available to play on, this event is taking place on a seperate 1.8 server, here is the IP: hatventures.net:13000

Can I bring stuff from 1.7 for this event? No, in this event everyone will be starting from the same point, with nothing.

Can I grief? No. Pretty simple, if you're not sure if what you're doing is griefing feel free to ask a staff member.

If I get banned on this server, am I banned on the regular server? Yes.

I don't want to fight the Zombie Overlord, can I still play on this server? Of course! You are free to come on this server and just play normally but remember this server will not be staying.

Who is the Zombie Overlord? The Zombie Overlord is a reoccurring antagonist in Hatventures who returns every so often to cause chaos and disaster.

Is this a debug server for the next release? This server will be used to test some plugins but this server will not end with a 1.8 main server being released.

Please ask questions on this the forum post version of this article located here => CLICK THIS

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The Resistance Will Fall.

Jul 14 2015 12:38 PM | Zombie Overlord in News


We are coming.

Do not try to resist us.

Do not try to arm yourselves.

Give up your foolish errand.

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Jul 13 2015 12:55 AM | Ziggy of Langley in News

If you are reading this, consider yourself part of the resistance!

For too long we have allowed the Overlord to hide in the darkness, cowering before our happiness!

No longer! Their campaign of fear and tyranny must end, and we are the ones who will end it.

The only things keeping their evil at bay are our towers. There are four, 3 minor ones and a main spawn one.

Each contains a crystal, made of the purest essence of light, the most powerful of which is in the main tower.

However, we are not sure where the minor towers are. Our first task is to find them.

It is then our responsibility to defend these towers, to build defences, to equip ourselves with the best weapons and armour.

We must barricade them out. We must withstand their wrath.

If our main crystal is destroyed our future is uncertain. We cannot let that happen.

Moreover, if we defend our towers successfully, we will be rewarded with 5 rare crate drops!

Our resistance will last one month.

Each weekend for three weeks one of our minor towers will be attacked, until our main one is attacked in the fourth.

It is not all about war and fighting though, feel free to come explore our simple world, and build too!

The current server can still be a safe haven to seek refuge and will stay up throughout our campaign.

All of this is happening very soon, information and explanations are on their way!

Join us in preparing for the return of the Zombie Overlord!

Good luck to us all.

-A Friend

EDIT: I have revealed my identity in an attempt to gain your trust! So you know I can help you when I am not possessed by ZOL!

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Two Years is a Long Time

Jul 11 2015 01:27 PM | Zombie Overlord in News

Two years is a long time.

Two years is a long time to lurk in the darkness, waiting for people to become complacent, to feel safe.

In two years, the screams that once rattled throughout towns as omens of death have been replaced with laughter.

In two years, the fire that once spread throughout the land like a plague fuelled by fear has turned to warm those around it.

In two years, the creatures that once roamed the Earth, heralds of doom, have become afterthoughts for every adventurer.

This is because it has been two years since you all sent us away.

We have been patient, have bided our time watching evil slowly creep back into the land.

Greed and sloth and envy have grown in Hatter hearts, and so have we in power.

Once our abilities have returned in full, we will take back what is ours.

Your towers will crumble, your crystals will vanish, your wealth and joy and satisfaction will be melted away.

However, it takes quite a while to regain our strength, for the magnitude of our might to return, for hate to refuel our desire for domination.

But even though it requires a lot of waiting, it is as we said;

Two years is a long time.

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