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Hatventures in Skylands - Map Download!

Here it is, the gargantuan Skylands Map!

This beast has lived through a whole year of Hatventures griefing, and now dear Hatters, we give it to you.

Treat her well, she's had a rough time. Let us know in the forums what you discover or come across, or even add a picture to our gallery of some cool Hatventure relics you find!

The map comes in 3 flavours depending on what you want to do. Survival to play normal, Creative to have a browse, and Hardcore if you want to rage-quit shortly after starting.

Survival - Download

Creative - Download

Hardcore - Download

If you enjoyed Skylands and the other things we do, consider a donation. Thank you for your support Hatters!

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I've been waiting for this day! :D
This is awesome! Can't wait to browse the infamous filth bridges. Looking forward to it-- oh! It's done downloading. See ya later! :D
Yes time to explore thanks trott :D
Thank you
great :) now - lets make an Let's play :)
Is the very first Filfy Bridge there? It deserves to be expanded and have a giant filfy museum to honor those famous and memorable moments in skylands
cheers trott it should be fun seeing the map from within Minecraft then watching skylands again :3 cannot wait for origins and i wish you luck in it as well ^w^
I can explore the fail now. :D Thanks!
where's THE Filf bridge? i've been flying around the map for half an hour now and i haven't found it
ok i found the filf bridge. the co-ords are:

y: 98.6
z: 1299.024
There are many filth bridges... I found the one leading to the tower quite easily. Making it mah new home! :D
Is anyone using this with snapshots?
Hey! So, I *miiighhht* be a n00b at this. Might. Gah. How do I put this in to my Minecrafts? Pwease :3
This map appears to not be able to convert to Anvil so when the next update comes out you won't be able to play this unless you don't update
Holy crap, how did I even miss that! o.O Thanks, magnificentjosh (truly living up to your name). :3
Awesome! I found the Origins set in the map. Didn't know you guys built it on your Skylands server.
i died a bunch of times lol. but i did find your first filth hut/bridge in rustic skys :D
i cant get it i dont have Winrar BUUT on my different PC i do :D
also theres a rlly cool Creative server im always on just post a comment to play with me :D
Ignore my other stupid comment. I don't know what I was thinking when I posted it.
I'm havin' a bit of a problem. When I go on the map, it does Saving Chunks and my screen goes black. Help?
I figured out my problem, I gave myself a map and I guess putting the entire world on that map overloaded the world or something like that
What PC do you guys (hatventures) use? and how do i get it!!!
Keep up to good work guys, your my role models.... kinda... semi-role models...
Are you guys going to release a 1.2 version of this map?
So many filth bridges.... so little time!