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Hat Chat 22 - Soggy Loris

What fantastic joy! Another bloody Hat Chat to fill up your ear canals and scoff a tin of pringles to. We're extremely excited that we've managed to be featured on the main Podcast page on iTunes, so if you haven't seen us there yet then head on over and make sure to leave a comment and rate the podcast.

For all you newbies, We're Hat Films. We make a variety of videos (mostly gaming) on them YouTubes and if you've got a spare minute head on over to our channel www.youtube.com/haatfilms and have a gander.

Enjoy the podcast and have a horrendously good day!

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Become Executive Producer or Top Hatter for the next podcast!
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The Executive Producer this episode is:
Who Wins: A Bandcamp Music Code, Arma2 CO and Dungeon Defenders.

The Top Hatter this episode is:
James Cadman
Who wins: A bandcamp music code and Frozen Synapse

For the full episode notes click here


Happy birthday, Ross! Careful running through the wood. =P
I love to draw, i like the idea.
i cant wait to see your work once you move in together, i just got off Armored Warfare to listen to this. a good lineup for me
Happy Birthday Ross!!
happy birthday ross and lets buy trott a skin to minecon!!
Happy Birthday Ross. And what a great day this way, first, a new An Epic Hatventure episode. Then a new Fanimation episode. then to top it all off, a new HatChat. What a great day indeed.
Happy B-day Ross. :D
Happy birthday Ross!!
Happy birthday!
I was surprised that you weren't keen on the idea of recording everyone playing Trails. It would be cool if the video fallowed the person that was in the lead. So you have focus switching as the racers change position.

I'm also hoping the graphics get a bit of boost since even budget PCs should surpass the Xbox 360.
Happy Birthday Ross
Happy Birthday Ross!!! :3=
Belated happy birthday, Ross.
Happy Birthday Ross!
Wow, I didn't forget. :3
Oi cockface, lend me some staples. oh and a bit of honey. Sit right there so i can draw yer face.
http://imgur.com/gallery/N4ApG HAHAH I JUST FOUND THIS XDDD