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An Epic Hatventure Announcement!

Good Day! Well we've said a good day to Skyblock, now it's time for something EPIC. The Fyreuk guys have built us an incredible adventure map to play through and this vid will explain it all! Enjoy.


We will be launching episode 1 next week. Follow us on Twitter @hat_films to find out the exact day nearer the time.

Check out Fyreuk here: http://www.youtube.com/user/FyreUK


OoOoOh i am soo looking forward to this new series as you said its going to be EPIC!
This is going to be EPIC!
Dudes cant wait! LOL it took you like an hour to film those 10 mins XDDDDDDDDD Good job!
This seems to be so cool with you Sirs bringing back something like skylands so looking forward to it
Ooh.Lovely :D
Anyone else notice that the N on alsmiffy's TNT block was backwards? Spoilers??? :D
According to the Wiki, the backwards N is normal for TNT - my mistake.

More importantly, that's one EPIC announcement! I am really looking forward to watching the adventures you guys get up to next week. Looks like you got an awesome YouTube team to make it truly Epic - so this should be fantastic! :)
I cannot wait to see this :D
i really do not think that my survival map is even close to being better than this map.
Nailed it.
Realy looking forward to this can't wait
AWWW YES! I'm so excited. I'm, I'm so excited.
Oh this looks sweet something i can watch from the start with everyone else!
Man, I cannot wait to see this.
Looks amazing!
Looks amazing. I cant wait to see what those fyre UK guys made for hatventures. Gonna be a good series.