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Join us on the Hatventures Community 1.8 Minecr...

Nov 07 2015 07:16 PM | Emilykun in News


The long-awaited 1.8 Minecraft server is finally released and open to the public!

Join us as we boldly venture through the fresh, beautiful* yet separate Adventure and Survival worlds together!

Many glorious cities and puzzles await!

Of course the dynmap for both the Adventure and Survival worlds, the server address as well as how many players are online, and our teamspeak can be found on our work-in-progress website: http://www.hatventurescommunity.co.uk/

Features include, but not limited to;
  • Achievements
  • Quests
  • Dungeons
  • Mazes
  • Parkour
  • Bandit Camps
  • Secrets
  • Facepainter
  • Shops
  • Customized Fishing
  • Land claiming
  • Commandshop
  • Dynmap
  • And more to come in the future!
I'm so hyped! What's the IP?!

Posted Image

*fancy shaders not included

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First Newsletter (1st November 2015)

Nov 01 2015 04:55 PM | Pepelo in News

Posted Image

Good Day Hatters!

I am happy to present our first monthly newsletter.

Every month, staff will release a newsletter containing all the information and updates on what is happening for the hatventures community.


As you all should be aware by now, we are releasing a new 1.8 server.
More information about all of this can be found on this post. Please read it before continuing on.

The 1.8 server has been opened up to beta testers. If you are a beta tester, you can connect to the server using mc.hatventurescommunity.co.uk.
There is a whitelist, if you are a beta tester and are having trouble connecting please contact a staff member.
We expect beta to last no longer than a week or so. Once beta testing is all done the server will be reset and we will officially open the new hatventures server up to all players.

We know that teamspeak is a pretty essential tool used by the hatventures community and in preparation for changing server host, we have set up a new teamspeak server.
You can connect to it using hatventurescommunity.co.uk along with the password: greenhairywalrus.

Donations, Funding and Costs!
Due to your overwhelming support, the donation drive was an absolute success and then some as we hit just under 400% of our goal in a matter of days.
We knew this community was something special but we never imagined anything of this scale.

We have had to temporarily close the buycraft store and stop donations coming in due to the limits placed on sending and receiving money through Paypal.
Currently we are working out this issue but it will take time (up to three weeks) before much more can be done.

Despite closing the donation store temporarily, we have still been able to set up server hosting.
Currently our monthly estimated costs are at £80 but we are only in our first month so this could change in future.
Any major changes to this will be updated in future newsletters.

Other Stuff!
We did a Q&A, you can find a summary here. We will likely hold more Q&A stuff in future but you also always have the option to ask staff at any time.
If you feel a bit lost in what is even happening, look at this post. It has a lot of info not only in the main post but also throughout the thread of comments.
Otherwise that's it for now, thanks for reading.
We hope to keep you updated and informed as much as possible with what is going on (always with some surprises here and there).
We will have monthly newsletters from now on, but likely some things will necessitate a post of their own or just can't wait 'til a month summary and will be updated as needed.
**Shoutout the Emilykun for our hatventures community project logo!

Thanks hatters, good day!

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[Front Page]TS Update

Oct 26 2015 03:21 PM | Flingbing in News

We have a new Teamspeak server, come on over!

Address: hatventurescommunity.co.uk
Password: greenhairywalrus

This is in preparation for changing server host that will be happening soon! hype

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Hatventures Community Project

Oct 14 2015 11:17 PM | Shrewlad in News

Hello Hatters and fans of the Minecraft server,

As many of you are aware, we currently have a Minecraft server that is on 1.7 and it has been for a lengthy amount of time. Today we want to announce why the server is still on 1.7 and what the plans are going into the future.

The Hatventures server is on 1.7 because the staff and a group of builders have been making something amazing, which would be used as the next server. This server will be on 1.8 and contains many new features.

However, along the way we have faced many obstacles, now only one stands between us and us releasing what we've made. This obstacle is quite a huge one though and it affects the server as a whole; this includes 1.7. Server hosting is a very costly process in which most months donations do not come close to covering it. Dimension has been gracious and generous enough to continually pay to keep these servers running but it is too much to ask of him to continue supporting them by himself. This leaves us in a very difficult spot. We as a Staff have discussed this at lengths and we have come up with two options.

The first option is more of a last resort and one that we are hoping to avoid. Closing down the server, forever.

The second option is to find a way to support ourselves as a Community, however this option would rely greatly on server funding in the form of donations. As some of you may know, Minecraft is not the simplist thing to run meaning we would need a server with a decent specification. This means that it is not cheap. We would need to meet a minimum each month in order to keep the server online.

We will be starting a campaign soon to try and raise initial funds to run the server for at least 6 months. Once this goal has been reached the server will become available and will remain online until funding runs out. Of course, as the months carry on you can continue to donate, which will in turn ensure the server is online for much longer.

I've heard enough! How do I donate?

We are using a different store to collect donations for this cause. You can donate here:

What will be changing?

Not all changes have been finalised yet but unfortunately we will have to lose certain things to bring the cost to something achievable. We will be losing all of the source servers, I would like to take this opertunity to thank everyone who worked on maintaining these servers as well as everyone who played on them.

When will the server be released?

The server will only be released once the minimum amount has been reached. You can see progress via the link above.

What if the amount is never reached?

Sadly, if the minimum amount is never reached, the Minecraft servers will be shut down.

What do I get if I donate?

It’s a donation, so you should never expect anything. We are planning a subscription service to receive in-game items to help sustain the server further. If you donate a certain amount you will be able to join in the beta test for the server which will go live about a week before release.

To give you a bit of an idea what you will be donating towards, we have attached a few teasers. We know it’s not much, but hopefully it’s enough to excite you!

Planned features:

We don’t want to spoil everything, but here is a small list of some of the planned features.
  • Custom Mobs
  • Crates
  • Casino
  • Lands (new and improved)
  • Cities to explore
  • Achievements
  • Much, much more!
Please understand that we are only asking for donations as a last resort. The future of the server is relying on you!

We are looking to host a Q&A on Teamspeak in the near future to answer any questions people will have and to give more of an insight on how we plan to do things moving forward. We would also love to hear what you wish to suggest.

-The Hatventures Staff

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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The End is Nigh... For the Overlord!

Aug 15 2015 10:16 PM | Doomsayer in News

Hatters! I have seen it! The end is nigh!


Today, we beat back the Overlord, saving our most precious crystal!

In their rage, they blacked out our server, but do not fear!

Our server will soon return, and it is time to bring the fight to them!

Tomorrow, Sunday August 16th, at 9pm GMT, we will attack the Overlord's castle!

After tomorrow's victory, we shall live in peace and happiness once more!

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The Final Battle

Aug 15 2015 01:56 PM | Zombie Overlord in News

Your world crumbles.

Your victories meaningless.

Your defeats devastating.

Your final defenses will topple.

You cannot hold back the tide!

Give in now or watch your world burn.

9pm GMT, tonight, at spawn.

Your death awaits.

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