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Hat Chat - Episode 8

Posted by Trottimus, 07 December 2011 · 4092 views

Listen to Episode 8

http://hatchat.podbean.com/mf/web/djgvxu/08HatChatEpisode8FusRohDah.mp3Trott Introduction
Good day dearest hatters and hattetes. ‘Tis I, Trottimus, and my fellow brethren... Today we will be tantalisingly touching upon some tasty topics and treating you to some terrific trinkets of tasteless twaddle.

  • Executive Producer -

Sam Dukes - Blood Type A, Male, England

  • Top Hatter -
    • LakatosI - No Shoutout
  • Explain how to be Top Contributor/Top Hatter for this week
Random bit:

Update on Hatventures:
  • Skyblock
  • Skylands - filming has started.
  • Leading into a big project.
  • Diamond lust
  • Gravel/sand running
  • Website revamp incoming
  • Server upgrade imminent (held back by bukkit)
Back to the good old days. Putting out good solid content, some you have seen before, some new - all awesome.

New Youtube shiz, mention how to vid.

  • Ross killed his second dragon - How did that make you feel?
  • Smith and computer woes
  • MW3
  • Battlefield 3 new maps
  • Looking forward to Cobalt? alphas for this and scrolls
  • Latest vids: new mc trailer? mojang released xbla and evolution
Funny News

  • Assassins Creed
  • Buzzcocks Intro - Guess the intro
  • Hi guys, i was wondering when you will be uploading your terraia episode - James
  • I'm guessing you probably won't answer (Sorry about my spelling by the way, you woudn't guess I'm 16 with this spelling would you?? :S) But I'd just like to know. Which is better, Mac or PC?? Also … Good Day :) - Courtney(Assassin Ninja)
  • What is your favourite thing about Minecraft? - Finlay
  • Hi my username is archerattacker5 double a 5 for short. I was wondering what editing program do you use because all the ones I find are pieces of shit. So it'll help if you tell me plus love your videos they're awesome.

How many time SMIFFY have you died i minecraft

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