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Hat Chat 13 - Gruff Goats

Posted by alsmiffy, 19 February 2012 · 8,895 views

Hat Chat hatventures episode 13 gruff goats hat films podcast

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  1. Alex (11 votes [53%])

    Percentage of vote: 53%

  2. Ross (3 votes [15%])

    Percentage of vote: 15%

  3. Chris (7 votes [34%])

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Hat Chat 13 - Gruff Goats


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EPISODE 13 - Gruff Goats

Ross Introduction

Good day you cheeky listeners out there, welcome to the intoxicating, infuriatingly, indisputablely, outrageously questionably humorous hat chat.

It’s episode 13 so lean back, relax and picture a disgustingly f*&k ugly fat walrus speaking down a microphone. I’m joined by that specific god awful pile of blubber, he’ll now introduce himself.


  • Executive Producer -
  • Top Contributer is - Alex Bricknell who wins Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga!
  • Top Hatter is - Alfred Morgan
  • Physics!
  • How can you be Top Contributor/Top Hatter for this week?
Update on Hatventures:
  • Origins Teaser & What to Expect
  • Filfy Animals: valentines special
  • New Let’s Play coming (as mentioned previously) Built for us, designed with Hatventures in mind.
  • New Server
    • HatQuest no more
    • Greylisting, what it means
    • Towny
    • Epic Spawn - Pictures coming soon
  • Trine 2 continuing
  • Skylands - explain why we ended it
  • Ending skyblock fairly soon. a bit of a dying star, had enough of floaty island maps.
  • Our comics will continue soon the dedicated was released by the glorious Rickard Jonasson, head to the site and let us know what you think. We’ll be setting up a dedicated comic page soon.
  • www.twogag.com
  • Tiny Tower
Funny News
  • The Polynomial - Experience the music in a new way. Feel it pulse around you. The Polynomial is a 3D space shooter with unique, mathematical scenery that animates to the music. And this is not some boring mathematics. This is fractals.


  • Ross mentioned in the "Origins: what to expect" video that you guys see a lot of potential in Minecraft and the cinematic style. With Minecraft, the machinima style and "let's play" accounts on youtube basically exploded overnight (for example, you guys, yogscast, Captain Sparkles, bebopvox, bash craft, etc.). Basically, my question is: what are your hopes for the future use and development of Minecraft? - Mark
  • I was curious if you were planning on releasing your current singles in one compact album, like you did with the Holiday Bundle. I really enjoy your songs, but for the convenience of navigating my music library I've been holding out on an album before I purchase any more. - Conrad Curry
  • I was just wondering what the audio hardware setup for your podcast recording is and how you actually record? Do you each take a separate audio track on your computers and compiled later, or is it all done through Skype onto a single comp? - Jeff
  • When it gets really cold, do you even consider skinning Trot for warmth? - @SammyDOzzy (twitter)
  • I believe I've seen plenty of stuff about how you gents make your films, but I'd like to hear a few words on how you make musics. - Supablah12 (twitter)
  • Did you know theirs a l4d map where you can find trot dead? - Richard (facebook)
  • Would you rather be attacked by 50 duck sized horses, or 1 horse sized duck? - Daniel Robert Dean (Facebook)
Send in your questions and challenges to hatchat@hat-films.com and we could read it out in the next hatchat :)

Hat Chat is what I look forward to the most!
"We're making it hard for him, we're making it hard" :P
I like how you didn't bleep out "fuck" but you did with "*bleep*" lol
sometimes the player doesn't work for me.
Ross is rigth whit the ligths on the swedish cars, It's law to have them on. :P And I am so glad that you are using spotify! because It's Swedish too! ;D Good job as usually! :D
http://skyrim-online.com/ Check it out, it's still being worked on, but there's some Skyrim Multiplayer for you.
epic ;)
I believe an "r" was left out of my name (and an "a" added for no good reason). No worries tho. Just started the episode (Physics!) so now I'm slightly more excited to listen than usual!
The podbean link doesn't work :(
Awwww... Well, I was in the notes at least. Great episode gents!
Wow! The first time I donate and I manage to be selected for 'top hatter'. I am going to be in a good mood all week! Thanks guys.
Being chased by a horse-sized duck, you say? http://bit.ly/wszatS
Bohemian Rhapsody is an instant win, this poll is imbalanced.
How dare you be robotist!
Matthewar, im gonna kick you of the island ! xD

Btw: HatFilms is amazing !! Ps: make skyblock faster
The Physics shoutout sounds a lot like the 'learning copydapastey with alsmiffy' accent in sky block.
My brother has just got a 100 floors on tiny tower and has diceded to dress them all up in wedding dresses at his chapel! :) And I just reach 1,000,000 on temple run becuase I am an addict of running away from strange skull monkeys for fun.... You guys do a great job, keep it up and have a britty good day! :D
Lol there was a random sound effect mid-speech during that one :D Congratulations smith ha
Hey, these things are pretty cool. Just fyi. Keep it up, HAT.
HatChat is always entertaining. I wait until my trip home every weekend to pass the time as best as humanly and Walrus-y as possible :D

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