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SRS Traveller Chapter 4

Posted by The Final Archive, in e. Chapter 4 20 January 2013 · 395 views

SRS Traveller Chapter 4 Seeing the liquid nitrogen slowly creep its way off of a cryogenically stored human being had always been intriguing to Nathan, but he sorely hoped that it would not come down to that. They had decided to free the passengers at some point, but if only he could just find the source of the problem maybe that could be prevented. So the captain had reasoned,...

SRS Traveller – Chapter 3

Posted by The Final Archive, in d. Chapter 3 12 December 2012 · 501 views

SRS Traveller – Chapter 3 It was difficult to appreciate just how big the ship was when the nervous, angry bodies of civilians and crew members were constantly shifting about wall-to-wall, their warm breath touching and tainting every bit of air that they themselves weren’t already occupying. With only four people manning the ship now, however, Nathan had found himself walking...

SRS Traveller Chapter 2

Posted by The Final Archive, in SRS Traveller, c. Chapter 2 24 November 2012 · 189 views

SRS Traveller Chapter 2 Nathan peeled himself out of his thrust couch on the bridge of the Traveller. The deck around him was buzzing with activity as the crew responsible for manoeuvring the ship out of Negaia’s gravitational pull finished off their duties, adrenaline levels still high. Fifty three year old Chief Pilot Amanda Kinsey nonchalantly did her customary circuit of...

SRS Traveller Chapter 1

Posted by The Final Archive, in SRS Traveller, b. Chapter 1 21 October 2012 · 261 views

SRS Traveller Chapter 1 Nathan Ott checked the gauges once more, just to make sure the engines were functioning perfectly. They would have to stay in peak condition until they arrived at the Earth dock in three months and until that point, now would probably be the only opportunity he would have to check them manually. Of course there was the on board status panel in the control...

The End of We the Damned Few and Beyond

Posted by The Final Archive, in News 09 September 2012 · 310 views

As you all might know, the Epilogue has just been published yesterday (Saturday the 8th), and so We the Damned Few is complete. Because of that fact, there are going to be several things that are going to be happening quite soon:

1. The Final Archive is made up of three writers total (Pezmic, Penguin_Jetpack, and Discoball667). We would like to include a...


Posted by The Final Archive, in We, the Damned Few, m. Epilogue 08 September 2012 · 315 views

Epilogue And so, with the fall of Hattington, the last light and hope of civilisation was extinguished. Almost no-one and anywhere was left to muster a resistance to The Darkness. The few isolated towns and homesteads which were missed by the first wave of creepers were not missed by the second, or the third. Those who escaped the fates of their fellow citizens...

Chapter 11

Posted by The Final Archive, in l. Chapter 11, We, the Damned Few 25 August 2012 · 415 views

Chapter 11 Record of the Camera Footage from the Hajaramli Embassy in Hattington in the final hour before before The Darkness rose. --R--

Camera 0.1
A young lady in ragged, once beautiful clothes, now torn and stained, burst through the front doors of the embassy and rushed towards the receptionist's desk. Her body moved as if it had been pushed for...

Chapter 10

Posted by The Final Archive, in k. Chapter 10, We, the Damned Few 13 August 2012 · 373 views

Chapter 10 Snaen here.

OK, so I’ve just seen something that will likely scar me emotionally, mentally, all other kinds of ways. It’s crazy.

I went over to the guy in the sand, and he was screaming and screaming. Like, cursing the gods, cursing his own name, cursing just about everything that came to mind. He was crawling, digging his fingers into the ground. He...

Chapter 9

Posted by The Final Archive, in j. Chapter 9, We, the Damned Few 30 July 2012 · 446 views

Chapter 9 From the heart of my ravings --R--

That fool.

He comes towards us with a cocky stride, as if he can take on us.

He has come to a place that he does not belong. He has come to our sanctuary. Our house. He must pay with his life.

Should he die by impalement? By bleeding out? By watching his heart stop beating? Maybe.

That would please us. Our mind...

Chapter 8

Posted by The Final Archive, in i. Chapter 8, We, the Damned Few 14 July 2012 · 429 views

Chapter 8 Snaen here. Explorer. Rock star. General purveyor of awesomeness.

I managed to slip away while the others were sleeping, so I could go back to the cave and retrieve my stuff. I figured we’re about fifteen to twenty minutes walk from where we were - I should make that in ten. Triad tried to tell me not to go back, but if I don’t, I’ll lose so many of...