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Well well well Nvidia - what have you been up to?

Posted by alsmiffy, 03 May 2012 · 2338 views
nvidia, 680, 690, kepler and 4 more...
Well well well Nvidia - what have you been up to? Well if you have been following hardware news recently - nvidia are king once again. Their gtx 680 has officially become the fastest single gpu graphics card money can buy. Reviews are positive with new technology, reduced power bills and improved performance across the board. ATI don't currently have much to match it (depending what you read) and now...

A good place to go for those building their first pc.

Posted by alsmiffy, 11 March 2012 · 3903 views

A good place to go for those building their first pc. So I have built about 4 or 5 pc's now and it has just sort of become an interest of mine to keep up with new components like graphics cards and prices on things like hard drives regardless of if im in the market to buy. I recently went through a complete rebuild for my main system so I'm not likely to change anything now for at least 6 months or...

Skyrim patch 1.4 got released!

Posted by alsmiffy, 01 February 2012 · 1522 views

Only moments ago did the skyrim 1.4 patch get officially released for pc!

Perhaps the most exciting feature is Skyrim workshop. It means more mods and easier in-steam mod integration!

Rather exciting!

Have a read


EDIT: So only...

Nvidia or ATI?

Posted by alsmiffy, 26 January 2012 · 4038 views

Nvidia or ATI? So recently me and the guys have been playing around with various graphical enhancements for our favourite games. Ross and Trott both have ati cards in their MacBooks, ATI 6750's to be exact, and I have nvidia branded cards (560ti's). Now I was always sort of aware, but recently it has really shown that there are some big differences between the two...

Intel Over Clocking Insurance

Posted by alsmiffy, 19 January 2012 · 1173 views

Posted Image  

So this is very interesting.                                                             


I was just about to start overclocking to make the most of the power in my unlocked...

How I SLI'd

Posted by alsmiffy, 13 January 2012 · 1522 views

Check out this poorly filmed, poorly lit vlog with sub par audio! Only the best from alsmiffy of Hat Films ;) It's as chaotic as minecraft alsmiffy cam!

3D - why does the extra D tempt me so?

Posted by alsmiffy, 10 January 2012 · 1774 views
3D, Gaming, Monitors, Screens, PC
3D - why does the extra D tempt me so? So recently I have been looking at ways to "take the next step" with gaming. I have 24" monitor but i feel it doesnt quite do the awesome things going on my screen justice. BF3 for example - the graphics are beautiful and the battlefield vast but its all being squashed onto a flat 24" panel... not great.

So I thought - I'll get a...

This is my pc.

Posted by alsmiffy, 01 January 2012 · 5397 views

Well hello there!

To break the ice and get this blog on the move I think a good place to start is a question I often get asked - Whats in your pc?

Well here goes -

I have an
Asus P8Z68-V Pro/Gen 3 Motherboard
Intel (SandyBridge) Core i7 2600K + Freezer 13 Pro CPU Cooler Fan
16gb of Corsair Vengeance Ram (1600mhz)
Nvidia MSI GTX 560ti Twin Frozr 2...

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